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Everyone Welcome! You are still using old YouTube APK on your smartphone? and paying for premium membership again and again for its premium features of YouTube APK? If yes then, today we are presenting you the most demanded and needed app for this era YouTube ReVanced with its latest features. ReVanced YouTube is similar to youTube Vanced app, it offers main features such as Ad-blocking, Background Playback, Sponsor Block, AMOLED theme, YouTube Dislike button, and many more. Have a nice stay here, in this article we will try to provide the best information about this app.

Unlocking YouTube Premium.

App NameYouTube ReVanced
Size97 MB
Requires Android8.0 or higher
Last UpdateApril 2, 2024

Old Verion Of YouTube ReVanced

What is YouTube Revanced?

YouTube Revanced is the upgraded version of its Vanced. Though YouTube Vanced is not available for new users anymore. We have another great alternative app for it and the YouTube Revanced APK is the best alternative against it. YouTube Revanced APK has the same features as its version YouTube Vanced APK , even this YouTube Revanced download version carries some new features that make it even better than Vanced APK. That’s why, YouTube Revanced became the better replacement for the YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Revanced APK is not a single application it is a part of a bigger project called Revanced, which includes other apps like Revanced TikTok, Revanced Lightroom, YouTube Revanced Music and many more. It’s developed by some of the same developers behind YouTube Vanced. Revanced carries on the legacy of Vanced so the inclusive features that you are getting have may never been used before. This app offering unique features like background-playback and ad-blocking and many more premium features for free.

Revanced Download

Discover the Power of YouTube ReVanced Download!

We often use YouTube for entertainment and learning extra knowledge. It is an important social media platform with a great audience as traffic. Many creators collaborate with brands to promote products, and the result is clear to get more add-on viewers and customers of YouTube. This is the basics of YouTube or any other social media platform. However, users are mainly used as consumers.

So here ReVanced YouTube offers unique and premium features and customization options, Yotube ReVanced APK is apart from official YouTube. This app shares similarities with YouTube Vanced APK, but YouTube ReVanced has additional features than vanced. We recommend to try out the latest YouTube ReVanced APK for a better viewing experience. Now, we will explore some of its key features.

Background Playback


Video Downloading

 Swipe Controls

Main Features of ReVanced

🚫 Ad Blocker

🎵Background Play

🔆 Swipe Controls

📹 PiP Mode

🎥 Video Speed

⚙️ Sponsorblock

📥 Online download YouTube videos

🔄 Auto Video Repeat

🔒 Block Restricted Content

Reavnced YouTube main Features
Revanced features2
Reavnced YouTube Features

🔆 Powerful Features of ReVanced:

🚷 Channel and User Block

💬 Disable AutoPlay

📚 Subtitles Customization

🎧 Background Music Play

⚙️ Customizable Video Quality

⚙️ Sponsorblock

Key Features of YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced APK is not YouTube premium but it gives features same as the YouTube premium. YouTube download apk is the modified version of the official YouTube. We are listing here some key features of this application.

🚫 Ad Blocking

Now a days when you Watch videos the YouTube it may contain irritating ads. These ads consume a lot of time, you can block these ads by getting YouTube Premium but it is not possible for all users. So, by using this app you can get rid from ads on your watching videos with this Ad Blocking feature. Watch your favorite content without getting a annoying ads on it. This feature allows you to remove advertisements from YouTube Home, banner ads video ads, sponsor ads.

🎵 Background Playback

In YouTube ReVanced Play your most liked videos in the background while browsing other material on your phone. This feature allows user to do more than one job at the same time while playing YouTube music in the background. Open ReVanced YouTube, play a song with the pop-up player, close the app, and continue browsing your other applications. The video will continue running in the background. In normal YouTube, this feature is not present to use such a feature you will buy premium membership.

📥 Online download YouTube videos

You will be able to (yt download) download your favorite videos in your phone gallery. Sometimes users want to make their favorite song or video available on their phone so this video downloading feature will helpful for those. Download the high-quality video on your phone without any problem. Now no need of external or third-party application to download YouTube videos. Simply download videos from YouTube Revanced and share them with your friends on social media as you want.

🔆 Swipe Controls

YouTube ReVanced allows the user to control brightness and volume of playing videos. Like the other multimedia players use the swipe icon on YouTube ReVanced. Now there is no need to press the volume buttons from your phone even don’t need to swipe down to adjust the brightness of your phone. User can swipe on the lift side to increase the brightness and swipe on the right side to control volume of your videos.

📹 Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode

Picture in picture (PIP) mode allows users to use other applications while also running YouTube. User will get a separate display of YouTube while reading blogs or articles on the internet. This is amazing feature for students where they can make their notes while learning from the videos. So to enjoy this amazing PIP mode download YouTube ReVanced.

🔄 Auto Video Repeat

You will able to turn on off video repeat with this feature of ReVanced. Also, you can use the auto shuffle option while watching the content from your playlists. Repeat as you want your loved songs or video on YouTube vanced apk. Use the auto-repeat option to start the video from the start.

🎨 Themes and Customization

Now YouTube ReVanced provide variety of customizations options such as customize themes, color schemes, and other visual elements. You will able to add specific color schemes which liked by you most. ReVanced YouTube provides themes like dark, black, white. The dark and Black theme can save the battery life more than 20%. You can change the branding log by customization.

🔒 Block Restricted Content

YouTube is used by your children? and you do not want to use YouTube phone. Then don’t worry about this. This Block Restricted Content feature to block sensitive content from the app is helpful for you in this condition. This feature will automatically detect the sensitive content from any video and will directly block that content. Once you activate this feature within your app you don’t have to install the YouTube Kids separately. This amazing feature will save your storage and time.

🎥 Video Speed Control

Normally, YouTube provides a range of speed control from 0.25X to 2X. In YouTube ReVanced user choose playback speed according to his need. Change the speed of your video as per your need and enjoy your video. Sometimes the user needs the best clarity on a video.

Difference between YouTube ReVanced and Official YouTube app

YouTube comes with its some limitations, most common is the presence of annoying ads. Revanced’s developers launch YouTube ReVanced to cross these limitations of YouTube. In this blog, we will compare the features of YouTube ReVanced APK with the original YouTube app and try make a fair difference between YouTube ReVanced and official YouTube app. We will highlight all features that are not in official YouTube application. This difference will help you to decide which one is the best choice for users to enjoy your videos.

FeaturesYouTube ReVancedYouTube Official
Ad Blocking
 Background Playback
Auto Video Repeat
Swipe Controls
Video Downloading
Themes and Customization
Block Restricted Content
Video Speed Control
Subtitles Customization
Channel and User Block
Background Music Play


CustomizationLimitedIncorporates custom-branding
Playback SpeedDefaultCustom
YouTube ShortsPermanentCan be disabled
“Get Premium” Splash ScreenAppearsCan be hidden
Creator WatermarkPermanentCan be hidden
Premium Branding for Premiumnot-includedIncluded

How to Download and Install ReVanced on Android?

If you have decided to get this stunning app on your smartphone, here we tell you how to install Youtube revanced? The downloading and installation method of YouTube ReVanced apk latest version is straightforward. We have discussed all steps to download and install this apk on your phone. Lets simply follow these steps:

Step1: If you already install play store version of YouTube app on your smartphone, then first Delete that version.

Step2: Now, download the APK file from our download button from the top of this page to get a free download of the YouTube ReVanced APK, and click on it, download the YouTube ReVanced Mod APK.

Step3: Then, open the mobile settings > security settings > “Allow unknown sources” to give security permissions to install Apk.

Step4: Now, Locate the folder where you store the APK file and click on that file and tap on “Install” option.

Step5: It will take 3-4 minutes to complete the installations process, you just have to wait for the installation.

Step6Congratulations! The YouTube ReVanced has been successfully installed on your device.

Open the app and enjoy the amazing features of ReVanced YouTube.

How to Download and Install ReVanced on Android(Using Vanced Manager)?

Here, we will show you how to install ReVanced YouTube APK on your Android device quickly and easily. You can also install this app using ReVanced Manager.


  • If you want to install the new version of the app, the before installing the new version, it is essential to uninstall any previous versions from your phone.
  • If you are installing an apk file for the first time on your device, you will need to allow installation from unknown sources in the settings.

Step 1. Download MicroG APK File

First of all, you need to install ReVanced MicroG which allows the usage of Google Play services, which is required for Sign In to your Google account for sync your favorite content on revanced.

Download : ReVanced microG

Download : YouTube Vanced

Step 2. Install MicroG

After downloading the MicroG APK, click on this file. Then, click on Install option. Wait for a few moments until the installation is complete, and click the done button.

 install ReVanced MicroG which allows the usage of Google Play services,

Step 3. Download ReVanced File

Now you need to Download ReVanced Apk from the above ReVanced download button.

Step 4. Install ReVanced

Click on the ReVanced APK file and then click on the Install option. Just wait for the installation process to complete. After the installation is complete, click on the Open button to launch the revanced app.

How to Download and Install ReVanced on Android(Using ReVanced Manager)?

Successfully, you will see a similar interface to the official YouTube, but with more stunning features and no ads.

How to Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

With Magisk Module you will be able to install YouTube ReVanced at the system, which will give you access to all of the Google Accounts associated with Google Play services. Here we discus, how to install the YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module on your rooted Android device.

Step 1: Download the YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module

First of all for installing the YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module, you need to download it from the given button.

Step 2: Open the Magisk app

Now, you will need to lanuch the Magisk app on your rooted Android device. When the Magisk app is open, click on the “Modules” at the bottom right of the mobile screen.

Step 3: Install from Storage

From Modules options tap on “Install from Storage“ option.

Open-the-Magisk-app-and-tap-on-Modules .

When you click on it. It will be taken to your phone’s storage, where you should find where you downloaded the YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module .zip file. When you have found it, click on it to start the installation.

Step 4: Wait for the flashing screen to finish

When you have selected the .zip file, you’ll see a flashing screen. Wait for this process. Once it’s done, you will see a “Reboot” option on the screen.

Step 4: Wait for the flashing screen to finish

Step 5: Just Go back

Click on the “Go back” option to return to the Magisk application.

Step 6: Download and Install the MinDetach Magisk Module

Now download the MinDetach Magisk Module from given button:

Now, simply following steps 2 to 4 again, but this time select the MinDetach Magisk Module .zip file from your storage.

Step 7: Reboot your phone

When you have installed both modules, reboot your phone to ensure that all changes have been successfuly effective.


We have shared important information about YouTube ReVanced APK with you. You may ask question e.g What is Revanced? then answer is that” Revanced provides open-source patches that can be created for any Android application. Is Revanced Safe? Yes it is a safe application. We have tried to explain every single feature about this app, as we have mentioned there are many more features about this apk. But we highlight some of the main and important features. Again if someone unfamiliar with the YouTube ReVanced APK then this is the application is better version than of YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced was the application offering all the mod features and premium features more than YouTube Apk. Since vanced not available for newbies within it this YouTube ReVanced is popular alternative of Vanced and made all the users glad with its enhanced functionality. We hope that our provided information about this application is helpful for you and the users are satisfied with it. If there are any issues like youtube app install or any other issue using the app let us know in the contact us and we will definitely look over it. Goodbye for now!