ReVanced Old Versions and Changelog

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YouTube ReVanced APK older versions

Often, you try a new version of any application on your smartphone, it may not properly work on your device because it’s not compatible with your phone. All version of YouTube Revanced, Old Verion of Vanced Manager, old versions of ReVanced YouTub Music and old Version of ReVanced Extened, you download from our website.

Here Download YouTube ReVanced APK older versions for Non-Rooted, Rooted and Magisk Root devices from below:

Non-Root Downloads

YouTube ReVanced, Download Official Root Version here.

Magisk Module Download

Older versions of ReVanced Extended

File Version Requirement

APK 19.02.39 Android + 8.0

APK 18.40.34 Android + 8.0

APK 18.39.41 Android + 8.0

APK 18.37.36 Android + 8.0

APK 18.36.39 Android + 8.0

APK 18.35.35 Android + 8.0

APK 18.34.37 Android + 8.0

APK 18.33.40 Android + 8.0

APK 18.33.37 Android + 8.0

APK 18.32.39 Android + 8.0

APK 18.32.36 Android + 8.0

APK 18.31.40 Android + 8.0

APK 18.30.37 Android + 8.0

APK 18.29.38 Android + 8.0

APK 18.27.36 Android + 8.0

APK 18.25.40 Android + 8.0

APK 18.25.39 Android + 8.0

APK 18.24.37 Android + 8.0

APK 18.21.34 Android + 8.0

APK 18.18.34 Android + 8.0


Music & YT ReVanced (General)

v19.09.37 & v6.45.54

  • CLI: j-hc/revanced-cli-4.5.0-all.jar
  • Integrations: ReVanced/revanced-integrations-1.7.0.apk
  • Patches: ReVanced/revanced-patches-4.6.0.jar
  • YouTube – Alternative thumbnails: Selectively enable for home / subscription / search (#2926) (8549e1b)
  • YouTube – GmsCore: Require ignoring battery optimizations (#2952) (c0bef25)
  • Bug Fixes
  • TikTok: Hook application context earlier to prevent crash (#2893) (395ccda)
  • YouTube – Client spoof: Spoof all user agents (44a8a13)
  • YouTube – Hide ads: Prevent app crash if hiding fullscreen ads is not possible (#2910) (9f50470)
  • YouTube Music: Fix compatibility with latest versions (#2924) (8378c84)
  • YouTube: Fix video playback by switching to ReVanced GmsCore vendor (#2907) (33ea122)
  • Features
  • Instagram – Hide timeline ads: Make compatible with latest versions (a212f29)
  • Mi Fitness: Add Force English locale and Fix login patch (#2734) (7a25791)
  • Sync for Lemmy: Add Disable ads patch (#2872) (0785819)
  • YouTube – Downloads: Use external downloader when selecting ‘Download’ in home feed flyout menu (#2881) (10afc8c)
  • YouTube – Downloads: Add ability to use in-app download button (d900011)
  • YouTube – Hide layout components: Filter home/search results by keywords (#2853) (5916204)
  • YouTube – Hide Shorts components: Hide like and dislike buttons (2df0892)
  • YouTube – Hide Shorts components: Hide sound metadata label (ea7d1e0)
  • YouTube – Hide Shorts components: Hide title and full video link label (e7b64e1)
  • YouTube – Hide Shorts components: Selectively hide Shorts for home / subscription / search (#2925) (497c067)
  • YouTube : Remove HDR auto brightness patch (#2863) (b4c7bf4)
  • YouTube Vanced: Remove Hide ads patch (87887e4)
  • YouTube: Support version 19.0519.0619.0719.08 and 19.09 (#2862) (f044dde)

Music & YT ReVanced (Extended)


  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
  • Integrations: inotia00/revanced-integrations-0.140.1.apk
  • Patches: inotia00/revanced-patches-2.220.1.jar
  • feat(YouTube): add support versions 18.46.4518.48.4918.49.3719.01.3419.02.39 inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1929
  • feat(YouTube/Hide button container): remove Hide transcript button setting inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1939
  • feat(YouTube/Spoof app version): add target version 18.42.41 – Fixes issue where theme is not applied in search results (refer inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1820 (comment))
  • fix(YouTube): clarify patch description
  • fix(YouTube/Hide comment component): changes description of Hide emoji picker setting (close inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1930)
  • fix(YouTube/Hide layout components): Hide browse store button setting hides join button on tablets inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1948
  • fix(YouTube/Hide layout components): Hide join button setting does not work inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1936
  • fix(YouTube/Settings): move Hide cast button setting to General settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1947
  • fix(YouTube/Settings): reset toast message is incorrect inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1938
  • fix(YouTube/Shorts outline button): outline icon not applied when like/dislike button is clicked inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1886
  • feat(YouTube/Translations): update translation
    ArabicBrazilianChinese TraditionalGreekHungarianItalianJapaneseKoreanPolishRussianSpanishTurkishUkrainianVietnamese


  • CLI: inotia00/revanced-cli-4.4.1-all.jar
  • Integrations: inotia00/revanced-integrations-0.140.1.apk
  • Patches: inotia00/revanced-patches-2.220.1.jar
  • feat(YouTube Music): change patch name Enable new player background to Enable old player background inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1933
  • feat(YouTube Music): change patch name Hide emoji picker to Hide emoji picker and time stamp
  • feat(YouTube Music): change the description of the Enable color match playerEnable zen mode patches and exclude them by default inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1933
  • feat(YouTube Music): remove Enable sleep timer patch (supported by default in latest YouTube Music)
  • feat(YouTube Music/Hide general ads): remove Hide interstitial ads settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1940
  • feat(YouTube Music/Hide player flyout panel): add Hide subscribe / unsubscribe menuHide sleep timer menu settings inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1932
  • fix(YouTube Music): app is forced close when changing Enable old player background setting or the Enable old player layout setting (refresh automatically with a setting that does not cause forced to close)
  • fix(YouTube Music/Enable force minimized player): fix typo inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#1924
  • fix(YouTube Music/Enable old style miniplayer): apply fingerprints compatible with the wider version
  • fix(YouTube Music/Hide taste builder): apply fingerprints compatible with the wider version
  • fix(YouTube Music/Replace dismiss queue): use built-in icons
  • feat(YouTube Music/Translations): update translation
    BrazilianChinese SimplifiedFrenchGreekJapaneseKoreanPolishRussianTurkishUkrainianVietnamese

ReVanced MicroG


  • no changelog


  • Cache Gradle for build workflow


  • Entirely new, rewritten location stack
  • Major update to maps implementation. Thanks @fynngodau
  • Support for reCAPTCHA Enterprise API
  • Various compatibility improvements

inotia00 mMicroG


  • bump gms version
  • update dependencies
  • upstream


  • initial build
  • A 1:1 version of microG designed for ReVanced apps.
  • A big thanks to Shadow578 for its first implementation.
  • VancedMicroG has been completely discontinued.
    Therefore, mMicroG will replace the role of VancedMicroG.
  • mMicroG is not based on TeamVanced/VancedMicroG (
    Instead, it is based on microg/GmsCore (
  • mMicroG has minimal changes for non-root users in microg/GmsCore (
  • For compatibility with ReVanced and ReVanced Extended, mMicroG uses the same package name as VancedMicroG:

ReVanced Manager


  • Bug Fixes
  • Keep names for needed classes to fix crash at launch (eef7016)
  • 1.19.0 (2024-03-05)
  • Bug Fixes
  • added a trailing comma (975180b)
  • adjust padding (3559477)
  • Allow mounting without Magisk (3f96608)
  • Bump dependencies to support BCS keystore (6ec6546)
  • Do not delete files from post-fs-data.d (70a1086)
  • Fix patched APKs exports after installation (1200360)
  • fix redundant buttons on dialog (079c0de)
  • Incorrect strings and logics (#1619) (4f22e88)
  • Keystore Password: textfield title display (8e52abd)
  • Mount script causes build to fail (#1613) (f3c78c2)
  • Patch Option: Set text colour on dropdown menu (acb1e24)
  • PopScope: User able to exit patch screen when the installer is still running (#1663) (eb6d3cd)
  • Release CI: truncate the “v” from version (8595099)
  • Show version label correctly (c72d10a)
  • Specify that dark theme is dark (#1699) (d4b15ae)
  • Stop patch when signing fails (#1553) (5b2c551)
  • Update Confirmation Sheet: Add top padding (9aeb156)
  • Use correct title size for bottom sheet (#1687) (3436523)
  • Use correct version code & name (#1647) (d933997)
  • use lowercase repo names (#1626) (edd8602)
  • Features
  • Add a toggle for alternative sources (#1686) (f89c742)
  • Add API migration code (#1615) (28ae276)
  • add haptic feedback (#1459) (7911459)
  • Allow changing languages (#1488) (f82c439)
  • Display current app language at the top of the list (aa0575a)
  • Hide the Install button during installation (#1633) (3e696d6)
  • Improve app selector and patcher UI (#1616) (efb2d5e)
  • Improve consistency on language selector (b2119ce)
  • Improve language distinguishness and resolve language-specific issues (#1706) (6d866d4)
  • Improve Split APK warning readability (#1625) (6fd740f)
  • Show a dialog when an update is available (#1654) (c7d975e)
  • Simplify settings strings (#1618) (0d45fe4)
  • Use more appropriate progress values (2d7026a)
  • use native TextField (9ed43ef)
  • Performance Improvements
  • Load patched apps as soon as possible (c94eb7a)
  • Reverts
  • WillPopScope migration (3b0fed5)

You can Download YouTube Premium Mod APK v19.11.36 Premium Unlocked