How To Fix YouTube Revanced History Not Working?


YouTube Revanced is an alternative to official YouTube that enables you to have a watching YouTube experience without irritating ads on videos. The interface of this app is the same as the official YouTube. The only difference is the advanced features and extras customization options from it being modded. But some, people have been reporting issues regarding the YouTube Revanced history not working. 

Read this article to fix the YouTube Revanced history not working issue in just few easy and simple steps. I will mention common errors that might be responsible for the issue you are facing and how you can fix it without anyone help.

Fixes for YouTube Revanced History Not Working

The YouTube Revanced history not working issue started in the last days. It is bit annoying to get your history automatically clean and not knowing how you can fix it. I have guide of easy fixes for you to remove the YouTube Vanced history not working error. Follow the step-by-step guide as given:

1. Clear App Cache:

First of all, You should try to clear the YouTube Revanced app cache to fix this bug.

2. App Settings:

Check the setting of your app, wether you are using the app on compatible settings.

3. App Version:

Keep in mind and ensure that you are using the latest version of YouTube Revanced application.

4. Network Issues:

Ensure you are using a stable internet connection. You could be facing the YouTube Revanced history not working issue due to network issues.

5. Restart Your smartphone:

After doning all setting you should restart your device. Performing a complete restart on your device could reset the app files to fix the error you are facing.

After doing all the fixes given above have been tried and tested, these methods have worked for some people only, while others are still searching out a way to fix this error. I read a report on the GitHub community forum that says that turning off the signature spoofing option fixes the error temporarily but seems to cause playback errors. So, in my opinion, YouTube Revanced is going through some unannounced maintenance or upgrade, causing this error to appear.


Why Is YouTube Revanced History Not Working?

There are some minor applications issues or phone problems behind every app bug or crash. For the YouTube Revanced history not working error, there might also be some minor mistakes that you have missed in your device settings. The fixes given above will fix those for you. To avoid such errors in the future, read the common causes of these errors given:

  • Device Version
  • App Bugs
  • Server Unavailability
  • Wrapping Up

For More Troubleshooting of common Errors in YouTube Revanced Please Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is YouTube Revanced App Free?

Yes, the YouTube Revanced application is free to download and use. You can download it from our webiste.

Q2. Is YouTube Revanced Available On Google Play Store?

No, Because Youtube ReVanced is third party/ Modded app so, the YouTube Revanced app is not available on the Google Play store.

Q3. How To Download The YouTube Revanced App?

Download the YouTube Revanced APK from our site and install it on your device to enhance your watching experience.