ReVanced MicroG APK v0. Download

You are going to install YouTube ReVanced on your smartphone then it is necessary to microg download and install the Revanced MicroG app on your Android phone to access the stunning features of Revanced.

ReVanced-MicroG free download latest version
App NameMicroG APK
Size37.9 MB
DeveloperReVanced Team
Updated on1 April, 2024

What is ReVanced MicroG?

If you want to use the YouTube ReVanced application on non-rooted devices, then ReVanced MicroG app is essential for its installation. MicroG is necessary to sign in to your Google account for non-rooted phone. This app will make you able to get subscriptions, playlists, history and more of your YouTube channel.

Its main function is to support the ReVanced application, which is a mostly-used third-party YouTube client that provides extra features which are not found on the official YouTube, include ad-blocking and background playback and swipe control and many more.

Benefits of MicroG

Same as the original version of microG APK that gives freedom, this ReVanced microG alternative provides intensive features that ensure your streaming experience is outstanding, some key features are below:

Google Account login

The YouTube ReVanced APK makes your stream videos amazing without ads or sponsored segments. You can access more premium features without any cost and without your Google account sign in. But, you still need to sign in to access all your favorite videos, saved videos, subscribed YouTube channels, and YouTube preferences. microG allows you to just sign in to your Google account using the official version of ReVanced microG and continue watching your favorite content on your channel or saved. 

Privacy advantages of MicroG

Unlike Google Play Services, microG does not track your activities on your phone and do not report your precise location to Google. It allows you to freely open apps without any risk on your data. Enjoy with this stunning feature of Revanced and download microg app now.


MicroG APK always hides your identity from the server while using forbidden service. This way your account is never suspended from the platform and it will give you more stunning features that are not present in the original version.

Cloud Messaging

This feature of Revanced microG allows you to push notifications from YouTube ReVanced and YouTube ReVanced Music, using Cloud Messaging, which is a famous push notification provider used by many third-party apps.

How to Download and Install ReVanced MicroG for Android?

For download microg for android, just follow these simple steps to (MicroG installation guide) Vanced MicroG on your device:

  • Download the latest version of the MicroG APK from the above button of download.
  • When the download is complete, go to your device’s Settings and allow the “Unknown sources” option. This will allow you to install third party applications.
  • Then, open the downloaded file of microG APK from your phone’s Downloads folder.
  • Click on the “Install” option to start the installation of microG.
  • Just wait for the installation to complete. This will be completed in no time.
  • When the installation of APK is complete, you will see a notification that “App installed“.
  • Now download and install the YouTube ReVanced application. Open the ReVanced app, and enjoy your favorite content perfectly.

This was the MicroG installation guide for our users. In this way you install MicroG you will face ni error. If you face any issue in intsallation of MicroG like microg app not installed and want Troubleshooting MicroG installation then please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about ReVanced microG

What is ReVanced MicroG? and why is it necessary for ReVanced Youtube?

ReVanced MicroG is an application that provides the necessary Google Play Services sign in for the ReVanced YouTube app to work properly. It’s necessary because YouTube ReVanced is a modded version of the YouTube app that requires a modified version of the Google Play Services that is not available through the Google Play Store.

Can I use ReVanced without MicroG?

No! you can not use ReVanced Youtube without vanced MicroG. ReVanced requires MicroG to proper work.

Is Vanced MicroG safe to use?

Yes, ReVanced MicroG is safe to use. It is developed developer, who is well known for creating safe and reliable mods for the YouTube application.

How i uninstall microg?

Uninstall microg is very simple, just go to your phone setting then go to insatlled apps locate the microg apk and simply tap on this to uninstall.

Any risks involved in using ReVanced and ReVanced MicroG?

As with any third party app, there is always a risk involved in using ReVanced and ReVanced MicroG. However, the ReVanced team is known for creating safe mods of the YouTube application, and there have been no reported issues with the ReVanced and ReVanced MicroG appsliactions.


In conclusion, ReVanced microG is a compulsory component for installation of the popular ReVanced modded YouTube app. It provides the feature to Google Play Services sign in that allows ReVanced to work properly and provides several extra features, including ad blocking, background-playback, picture-in-picture mode swipe control and many more.